- Bangladesh, Dhaka

Govt. threatens to disconnect electricity and gas connection of homeowners if non-cooperation continues

As Covid-19 caused by coronavirus has no cure and still no vaccine available, like other sections of the society homeowners are also panicked. Many homeowners around the country are not cooperating with doctors and other health workers who have rented their houses. These homeowners are asking doctors, nurses and health workers to quit from their job or leave from their houses.
But these doctors, nurses and other health workers are like frontline warriors in the battle against this pandemic. They are risking their lives for sake of humanity.
In this situation power, energy and mineral resources minister Nasrul Hamid has said that, it’s decision from the government that homeowners can’t harass doctors, health workers and their families. Energy minister Nasrul Hamid has told the media that any health worker can call ministry’s hotline number and his ministry will take action. His ministry may also disconnect electricity and gas connection of those homeowners as punishment.

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