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A fourth European Cup as well as tenth vital prize underneath Pep Guardiola will be a targets when Barcelona arrive during Wembley upon Saturday dusk for their UEFA Champions League final. However, in any case of a outcome opposite Manchester United, Guardiola’s power has been a indeed marvellous success story, with vast annals already strewn in Barça’s path.

Here, looks during a tiny of a many benchmarks set by a Catalans’ manager as well as players over a past 3 seasons.

goals in UEFA tournaments was a turning point Barcelona reached when Lionel Messi struck a opener in their 2-0 win during a Bernabeu in a semi-final initial leg.

Barça appearances was a ultimate bar jot down set by Xavi opposite Athletic Bilbao upon 5 January, eclipsing Migueli’s prior benchmark. The Barça No6’s forlorn sum right divided stands during 576.

Barcelona goals have enabled Messi to stand to third in a club’s all-time standings, with usually Laszlo Kubala (196) as well as Cesar Rodriguez (235) left to pursue.

goals have been scored in Barcelona’s 61 games this season, nonetheless they will need to put an a single some-more 9 past Manchester United to subsequent to a bar record, set during Guardiola’s initial deteriorate in charge.

goals have been scored by Messi in 107 appearances over a final dual seasons. To finish his century, he will need to find a net for a initial time upon English soil, carrying unsuccessful upon 7 prior attempts with bar as well as country.

points from a probable 114 was a jot down sum with which Barcelona achieved their 2009/10 campaign. Guardiola’s group achieved a deteriorate though ever carrying conceded a lead during Camp Nou as well as carrying scored 3 or some-more goals in 50 per cent of their joining matches.

goals in 54 Barcelona appearances was Messi’s unusual sum for 2010. The tiny Argentinian achieved a year carrying served up some-more goals (42), assists (15) as well as dribbles (166) than any a singular else in La Liga.

years was how prolonged Ferenc Puskas’s Spanish jot down for goals in a singular deteriorate (49) had stood prior to Lionel Messi grabbed his 50th of 2010/11 upon twenty-three April. The Argentinian has given scored twice more, nonetheless he contingency find a net again during Wembley to transcend Cristiano Ronaldo, who achieved a deteriorate upon 53 interjection to eleven goals in his final 4 appearances.

league goals divided from home this deteriorate as well as 46 during Camp Nou have finished Barça usually a second group in La Liga story to measure some-more goals upon a main highway than during home. Real Madrid, with 34 divided as well as 32 during a Bernabeu in 2006/07, were a first. Guardiola’s side additionally became a initial group to measure in any a singular of their nineteen divided matches in a singular Spanish top-flight season.

European goals have determined Messi as Barcelona’s heading goalscorer in continental competitions, with Rivaldo’s prior jot down of 31 surpassed in a final sixteen opposite Arsenal.

away matches though defeat, a strain which lasted over a year, was a run which led to Barcelona outstanding a prior jot down of 19, set by Real Madrid in in in between 1979 as well as 1980.

different players have scored for Barcelona this season, violation a prior bar jot down of twenty from deteriorate 1995/96. The many distinguished patrol partial of nonetheless to find a net is Javier Mascherano.

goals conceded in 38 La Liga matches this deteriorate enabled Barça to set a ultimate bar benchmark for a 38-match campaign, violation a jot down of twenty-four they set final season.

European finals have right divided been reached by Barcelona, violation a jot down of sixteen they formerly usual with aged rivals Real Madrid.

straight joining wins in 2010/11 have enabled Barcelona to set a ultimate Spanish benchmark, eclipsing a 50-year-old jot down of a good Real Madrid group of a early 1960s.

assists have been supposing by Dani Alves in this season’s La Liga debate alone, some-more than any alternative defender in a Spanish tip flight.

Champions League goals this deteriorate have enabled Messi to spin a initial player to tip a tournament’s scoring charts in 3 unbroken campaigns. If congratulating upon winning a endowment prior to a final seems presumptuous, bear in thoughts which Javier Hernandez – United’s heading marksman in Europe this deteriorate – would need to measure 7 times during Wembley simply to subsequent to Messi’s stream tally!

trophies have been won by Guardiola during his 3 seasons during a helm, a sum which could spin 10 by Saturday night. Johan Cruyff, who won 12, is a usually manager in Barcelona`s story to have won more, nonetheless he took 7 seasons to amass his transport of silverware. No Barcelona manager alternative than Guardiola as well as his Dutch manager have succeeded in winning 3 true championships.

of a eleven joining titles been won by Barcelona over a past dual decades have endangered Guardiola possibly as manager or player.

defeats have been inflicted upon Barcelona this season, though Carles Puyol was blank from a Catalans’ choice in all six. Puyol, who finished his 100th Champions League coming in a semi-final, second leg, final suffered improved in a Barça shirt over thirteen months ago, in a 3-1 detriment during Inter.

major trophies in a singular monthly calendar year – a attainment never prior to completed – was a sum sum of Barcelona’s unusual efforts in 2009, Guardiola’s initial full year in charge.

victories during a Bernabeu is an feat which no manager in Barcelona’s story prior to Guardiola had managed. The 38-year-old has managed it in usually 3 seasons, with his sum measure in divided Clásicos right divided station during 11-3.

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