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Half of the young people experience sex before their age.

Dhaka_news_sex_addictA new study conducted by ICDDRB says, sex behavior among youths are risky in many cases.

Many of them do not use condom, does sex with their friends, sex workers and some of them

often experience group sex.
ICDDRB conducted their study in nine residential hotels. Half of the young people get sex

experience regularly. Eighty percent of them go to residential hotels and remaining portion

goes to professional sex workers.
Married men are also found client of brothels.
Some young and teenage boys become addicted to sex by watching pornography.
As youth is the power of a nation, their health is in fact the health of a nation. But due

to this type of sex addiction among young people are increasing the risk of HIV and other

sexually transmitted diseases. Some people even do not know about the basic of STDs and

never go to doctor. Many thinks only a wash after sex is enough for preventing HIV.
Authorities are now planning to introduce sex education in school syllabus and counseling

for the young.

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