Hamas and Israel release prisoners;  4 year old American girl freed

Hamas and Israel release prisoners; 4 year old American girl freed

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immense relief

The deal avoided an earlier threat when Hamas’s armed wing said on Saturday it was delaying the release of the hostages until Israel met all ceasefire conditions, including a commitment to let aid trucks into northern Gaza. Can’t do it.

It took a day of diplomacy brokered by Qatar and Egypt, which President Biden also participated in, to save the ceasefire.

Hamas’s al-Qassam Brigades also said Israel had failed to respect the conditions for the release of Palestinian prisoners, taking into account their time in detention.

COGAT, the Israeli agency for civilian coordination with Palestinians, accused Hamas of delaying trucks trying to deliver humanitarian aid to northern Gaza at a checkpoint.

“For Hamas, the residents of Gaza are their last priority,” Sunday said.

Qatar’s Foreign Ministry said Qatari diplomats are now present in Gaza to monitor the entry and delivery of their country’s aid.

A U.N. official participating in a humanitarian convoy to northern Gaza said Sunday that aid groups were on track to deliver the largest shipment in more than a month, adding that thin, emaciated residents were leaving their homes as soon as the water arrived. Quenching the thirst.

“People are so desperate and you can see in the eyes of adults that they haven’t eaten anything,” James Elder of the U.N. children’s agency told Reuters via video link from southern Gaza after returning from Gaza City.

“This is a huge relief. Literally as soon as people get water they start drinking it immediately,” he said. “They are thirsty. They have been thirsty for days.”

Even as aid supplies were flowing north, Eldar said he had seen hundreds of Gazans heading in the other direction, fearing Israeli bombardment again if the four-day ceasefire was not prolonged. It will start.

“People are so afraid that this pause will not continue,” he said.

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