Heal thyself: Policy shortly regulating physicians’ fees, pathology charge

The supervision is set to delineate the routine regulating in isolation healing practitioners’ fees for diagnosis of patients as good as assign of pathology tests.

Health Minister Dr AFM Ruhal Haque came up with the avowal in legislature Sunday.

“The routine of formulating the routine to repair doctors’ fees during in isolation institutions as good as assign of pathology tests is in the creation to magnify healing operate to the poor,” pronounced the Health Minister in reply to the subject from Shammi Akhter MP during the question-answer eventuality in parliament.

Replying to an additional subject from an additional woman lawmaker of the boycotting antithesis BNP, Nilufar Chowdhury Moni, he additionally pronounced the supervision has taken beginning to form apart legislature for Homeopath, Unani as good as Herbal preparation to urge the herbal diagnosis as good as preparation peculiarity further Bangladesh Medical as good as Dental Council (BMDC).

“The supervision has additionally the devise to move the preparation complement underneath pre-service healing preparation similar to MBBS,” he added.

The apportion sensitive the House which the director-general of Drug Administration has additionally taken up programme for ensuring peculiarity of homeopath, Unani as good as herbal medicines.

Replying to the subject of Zunaeed Ahmed Palak MP of the statute Awami League, Dr Ruhal Haque said, “Some healing colleges as good as nursing institutes will be set up to raise illness operate as good as healing preparation opposite the country.”

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