Hero Alam arrested by the police

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Hero Alam is a familiar person due to social media. He comes to the talks for many reasons, now he becomes news for police custody. The police arrest him for the accused of his wife torturing. Hero Alam’s father in law makes a case at the Bogra sadar thana. Police arrested hero Alam for this accused.
Deputy police super Shonaton Chokroborti of the district informs that hero Alam tortured his wife and she is admitted to the Jiaur Rahman Medical College Hospital at Bogra. For this reason hero Alam’s father in law complain at the bogra sadar thana against of Alam. According to the complain police arrest hero Alam on last Wednesday at ninghtb 10 pm.
Before that Ashraful Islam Alam by named hero Alam bit his wife Sadia Begum Shumi (28) for interrupting his illegal relation.

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