Higher transport fares charged

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Most of the motor Vehicle operators are charging higher fares because of the recent fuel price hike.

Commuters are saying that the fares they are charging are higher and irrelevant to recent fuel price hike

Government has recently increased fuel prices by Tk 5 per liter and requested the owners of public vehicles not to increase fares until the government fixes new fares. But the owners of these vehicles are already charging higher fares.

Meanwhile , water transport authorities are demanding to increase fares from Tk 1.30 to

Tk. 2 per Kilo meter up to 1st 100 km and to increase from Tk1.00 to Tk 1.70 per km after 100 km.

BIWTA will evaluate the situation with the minister.

General passengers are in quarrels for the new fares in different places.

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