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Huawei brings new data card

Huawei Device has recently announced the release of PA+ data card, the E369 that is specially tailored for ultra-thin notebook computers like the Macbook Air.

Material quality of the E369’s metallic feel and a magnetic USB cap preventing loss as well as highlighting the card’s classic elegance are just two of the many features, Huawei said in a statement yesterday.

The different coloured outer shells give the consumers a variety of choices, the statement added.

The E369 also has powerful internal functions, allows 21Mbps download speed, supports global roaming, uses an energy saving solution design saving 30 percent more power compared to normal 21Mbps data cards.

The card extends a notebook computer’s battery life by more than an hour.

The card will soon go on sale al over the world starting with China, said the leading brand in the field of global mobile broadband and convergence terminals.

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