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Husbands to pay salary to their wives

There are many urban and rural families in South Asia where women work from dawn to dusk and even after the sunset. They

continue their work till going to bed at night.

But if you ask, what they do? Everyone will say, they do nothing, they are housewives. Though many women are educated

enough to do job.

The housewives play very important role in the economy. If their husbands had to maintain servant or the children needed

day care center, they definitely needed to pay a significant amount of money.

Now the Indian Woman and Child Development Ministry has finalized a proposal which will compel the husbands to deposit ten

to twenty percent of their salary in their wives’ bank account.

The ministry is thinking that, this will empower women in India and women will not say that they do nothing.

The proposed bill has some more steps to see the light. The bill is due to be placed before the cabinet and after the

approval of the cabinet it has to be passed on the parliament.

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