I cried my heart out near Dhanmondi lake: Tasrif Khan

I cried my heart out near Dhanmondi lake: Tasrif Khan

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Recalling that memory from seven years ago, Tasrif said, “I was really sad that day. I had waited for a long time. Many of my classmates were there and they were repeatedly asking us when we would perform. We told them ‘it will be late. But we will sing. We had asked them all to wait.

“Later, when we got on the stage, the organizers said, ‘There will be a DJ party right now, so you guys should get off the stage. There will be no more songs. ‘You guys have not become such big stars yet that it is mandatory for you to perform.’ We were somewhat insulted and thrown off the stage. That day was very disturbing for me. I was very sad. I still can’t forget that day,” he added.

Even if you want praise, you cannot forget these incidents at the beginning of your career. Two more such incidents always remind them that they have to go further and do even better.

At that time, he was working to form a band professionally and had already formed the band ‘Kureghor’. He went on a trip to Rabindra Sarobar and found that a musical program was going on there to help people suffering from cold.

Tasarif was nervous and sat near the singers that day. He kept singing along with them. At one time those singers had taken a break. Meanwhile, Tasrif performed a song with his permission. The title of the song was, ‘Shat Raja Dhon…’

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