“I have forgotten acting”- Meem

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Actress Sabrin Shaka Meem started acting for TV drama on BTV way back in 1992. She was ‘Notun Kuri’ champion which was a popular children talent hunting program of state-owned TV channel Bangladesh Television. This television program was launched by former president Ziaur Rahman. This television program became very popular and produced lots of stars for the Bangladeshi cultural arena.

Though Sabrin Shaka Meem started her career as a child actress but later started to get offers for lead actress role. But after 18 years of acting career, she quitted and never came back. She worked as newsreader for ATN and later for RTV.

Meem says, she had to quit acting for personal difficulties. But there was sort of grievance also. It was the final years of her academic life. She became busy with classes and exams. So she found it difficult to reach shooting spot in time. In many cases co-artists had to wait for Meem.

She has been continuously staying at home during the covid-19 outbreak. Meem says, though she is also doing a private job, she needs to stay with her parents as both of them are cardiac patients. Her sister is a doctor and she frequently needs home quarantine after coming back from hospital duty. So she is performing her office duty from home.

Meem has not acted since 2011 but still loves TV drama. Her busy familial and professional life is not allowing her to come back. It’s like forgetting how to act in TV drama.

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