Impact of AI on Salaried Workers: A Detailed Analysis

Impact of AI on Salaried Workers: A Detailed Analysis

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Some of them want to become entrepreneurs because of job burnout or to fulfill corporate ambitions, and some have even been successful recently. Some of those who have turned from jobholders to entrepreneurs have ultimately proven themselves as employers based on what they have learned from their former employers. For example, by competitive salary package they mean taking services from as low paying person as possible and cutting costs means cutting jobs of a good number of people. He nurtures the destructive ego of the former boss whom he hated most until recently. There is hardly any human face there.

In today's digital world, profit-seeking people want something called artificial intelligence to solve all their business problems. That is, in short, tasks are accomplished only by giving software input to a computer or computer-like machine and issuing orders requiring intelligence. This may include producing millions of pieces of certain products, recordkeeping, accounting, examining information and data for research, and preparing a dissertation.

They believe that in such a situation, they will be able to get rid of the troubles of handling human resources, increase productivity in factories without much investment, stop wasting time in the form of system losses to rest and reduce Will be able to become rich in time.

Meanwhile, the rich have become even richer by taking advantage of the technological dominance they have acquired and the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. The International Monetary Fund has warned that artificial intelligence could widen the gap between rich and poor countries. If the bulk of wealth is appropriated by only one section of the society, then who will buy the products and services that this section wants to sell? If the capitalist system led by the United States faces a serious crisis, Americans and others are aware of the serious impact it will have on the global supply chain.

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