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Asthma is one of the most painful diseases by which millions of people all over the world get affected. It not only affects the adults, but children and new born babies also suffer from asthma. The main problem of asthmatic patients is difficulty to breathe normally. Asthma can attack any time. But winter is a prime time for asthma attacks. Many reasons are responsible for asthma attack such as common cleaning product, perfumes, pollens, etc. There are different types of allergies too that are responsible for asthma attacks. Besides this other agents that spur asthma are dust, smoke, cold air, etc. So, it is most important for every asthmatic patent to protect them properly before they go out, especially in cold season.

What you should do in winter:
If you suffer from any breathing problem, then first you need to consult your doctor and start proper treatment. If you already suffer from asthma then you must visit doctor regularly and follow the doctor’s advice.
When you go outside you must try to dress properly so that the cold air never get affected, cover the nose and mouth with scarf in the cold air.
You must try to use inhaler before going out during the cold wind. You must try to carry this inhaler with you. So when you feel asthma problem, you must take inhaler without wasting any time.
You must try to reduce the chances of catching colds and viral infection by getting vaccinated against the flu and viral disease.
If you suffer from asthma problem then you must try to don’t take any over stress or extra pressure specially winter season. It is better to do all the work without getting extra stress or pressure.
You can do some yoga asana or exercise for getting relief form this situation. You can also consult with some profession and get some useful tips on this purpose.
What you should not do in winter:
You must try to avoid going on those place where the dust fly in a huge quantity especially in winter season.
Avoid exercising outdoors in the winters. You must even try to avoid going outdoors in wet and damp weather.
If you suffer from asthma then you must avoid dusting and cleaning furniture and other household items frequently that gather dust.
Avoid cold water during while bathing, especially in winters.
Do not use any artificial snow sprays or fragrance spray. Such things can encourage the attack of asthma.
Try to avoid eating any kind of cold food, such as ice-cream, cold drinks, etc. because there are high chances of getting affected by cough and cold. These further increases the chances of asthma attack.
Try to keep your home pollution free and clean and your bed linens and curtains dustless. Stay away from placing any rug or carpet in your home as they have high chances to accumulate dust. This will lead to asthma attack.
Do not disturb your daily routine all of a sudden. Try to avoid hard drinks and smoking.
You must try to avoid food which are responsible for allergy and which are difficult to digest.

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