Importing Indian film in Bangladesh may worsen the situation in film industry?

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In past few days the news that cinema hall owners association has imported some Indian film for Bangladeshi halls have angered people involved in producing films in Dhaka. They say, when Bangladeshi film industry is struggling hard to survive, Indian films may completely demolish local industry. Budget of local film is usually about 10 million taka but average spending of an Indian film is 10000 million rupee. It is certain that Bangladeshi films will not be able to compete with them.
Bangladeshi films and satellite channels are not allowed in India. Producers say if India allows Bangladeshi films and satellite channels in their land then Bangladesh may allow only Indian Bangla film, not Hindi.
Founder president of Bangladesh Sheikh Mujibur Rahman didn’t allow sub continental films in Bangladesh, because he knew its possible adverse effect in local film industry, they argue.
They say Indian films will not be suitable for our culture and many people involved with the local industry will lost their job.
Here Bangladeshi TV channels are facing strong competition from Indian TV channels especially from Hindi channels.
It is said that film sensor board is reviewing some imported Indian films for show and some more are in the process of importing.

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