Amazing! Sharee only for 10 Taka

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Sharee is the first choice of Bengali woman. This share now found only for ten Taka India. However, it can get from a luxurious shopping mall where well decorated and air conditioning system included. The sharee for ten Taka is getting from CMR named popular shopping mall at Hyderabad in India.
The people are surprised for this type of promotion on behalf of shopping mall authority. People can’t believe the news and someones go there to identify, is it real or not? Really the visitors can’t trust their own eyes & ears after looking at the incident. Actually, the news is incredible but true. The mall provides sharee for ten Taka only.
Instantly scatter the news through Indian mass media. Young, adult, women and aged were coming to the shopping mall lavishly. But the mall authority can’t reserve sufficient security system and that’s why making some hammering there. Then police come & take under control the gathering. Why the shopping mall authority taken this type of initiatives it remains obscure.

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