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Indian drone deployment: Dhaka seeks explanation

UAVIndian internal politics is a strange one. They always consider Muslim dominated Pakistan and Bangladesh as a security threat, though Bangladesh is a small country and do not have military power to threat India.

Few days ago there was a report quoting Indian border guard officials that they are planning to deploy Unmanned Arial Vehicle, popularly known as drone in borders areas with Pakistan and Bangladesh. The report said, the drones will be used for surveillance. But drone experience around the world is not good. Drones often used to fire missiles and to drop bombs. Many innocent civilians killed by drone.

Relation between India and Bangladesh is said to have improved in recent years. Now Dhaka seeks explanation to Delhi about the recent move. Now Indian officials are denying the report.

According to the report on Indian newspaper and international media, the drones will fly above 10 to 12 thousand feet and collect photos and information on human movement. India is planning to deploy drone Bangladesh border before Pakistan border. Surely these drones will be able to collect photos of Bangladeshi territory from that height. Indians are already using some sophisticated radar and night vision equipments in border areas.

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