Indian enclave residents appeal for Bangladeshi citizenship. Part-II

Many of the residents have been compelled to change their identity to take government services. Many of their children studies schools outside the enclave with fake parent’s name, because many enclaves do not have any school.

Now the Indian government feels comfort in negotiating with the present AL government in Bangladesh. Many enclave occupants are hoping that now their sufferings will come to an end. Recently a joint census in the enclaves is done. Authorities of both the countries are hoping that this will help them to resolve the problem.

According to that Mujib-Indira treaty the enclave’s residents will have the option to choose citizenship of any countries. Most of the Bangladeshi citizens of the enclaves which are inside India want Indian citizenship.

Now the Indian citizens of the Indian enclaves (which are inside Bangladesh) are appealing for Bangladeshi citizenship.

Yesterday many Indian enclave residents marched at northern district Panchagarh.

They are also demanding quick solution of this longstanding issue. They think this should be finalized before the upcoming visit of Indian Prime Minister to Bangladesh.

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