Indian intelligence agency and the government is backing terrorism inside Pakistan, claims Pakistan

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The Indian government and think tanks have long been labeling the struggle for an independent state of Kashmiris as terrorism and accused Pakistan of backing them, in Indian way Kashmiri terrorists.

Pakistan has always maintained they give moral support to India occupied Kashmiris for an independent state but Pakistan never provides military assistance to them. On the other hand, Pakistan has also been accusing India of financing and providing military assistance to the terrorist groups inside Pakistan.

In a recent move, Pakistani officials have brought fresh allegations against India. In a press conference, the Pakistani foreign minister and army spokesman have revealed some evidence including phone call recordings. Indian High Commissions inside Afghanistan are working as an outpost for Indian foreign intelligence agency RAW (Research and Analysis Wing). Showing a copy of a letter, the army spokesman claimed that India has given more than eight lac USD to a terrorist group operating inside Pakistan.

Pakistan and China are now working on a project to improve connectivity between them and India is just trying to sabotage the project, alleges the Pakistani spokesman. He also said some recent bomb attacks including the Karachi Stock Exchange explosion was possible only because of Indian assistance.

As expected India has rejected the claim from Pakistan and alleged Pakistan of backing terrorism in India occupied Kashmir.

After the ending of colonial rule in 1947, India and Pakistan have fought several wars, and analysts say, Pakistan is the only country in South Asia that challenged Indian hegemony.

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