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Ineffective Election Commission: Danger of another one-sided election

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The Election Commission has announced the schedule with the risk of another one-sided election. They are giving the excuse of constitutional obligation and their constitutional responsibility. But it does not seem that he is paying any attention to the constitutional responsibilities he has after the program is announced.

Like previous Election Commissions, officials of the present Commission also assured that they will ensure free, fair and participatory elections. For this, he has held meetings with various circles including political parties and prepared an action plan. But ultimately, it is being seen that he is following the path of his predecessors – the Kazi Rakibuddin Ahmed and KM Nurul Huda commissions. Most of the elections held so far under the present Commission have been highly controversial. This Commission ultimately announced the schedule of national elections without taking any effective initiative to conduct participatory elections.

It is the responsibility of the Commission to establish its control over the police and administration and keep an eye on the electoral code of conduct after the program is announced as per the rules. Even after the announcement of the program on November 15, the public administration and police administration established by the ruling Awami League government is still in place. Although it is not the responsibility of the Election Commission to resolve the ongoing political crisis related to elections, but it cannot shirk the responsibility assigned to it.

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