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Ineffectiveness of LGRD Ministry: Mere meetings and instructions cannot drive away mosquitoes

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The guidelines prepared by the local government division in 2021 for the prevention of dengue remained only in the documents. During Prothom Alo correspondent’s visit to the Local Government Division, it was observed that most of the officials were engrossed in their routine work and organizing events to celebrate Local Government Day.

The guidelines from the Local Government Division stressed the formation of dengue prevention committees at the national, municipal, municipal, union and ward levels. However, in reality, many areas did not have these committees. Even where committees were formed, meetings were infrequent and when held, their focus was often on presenting a positive image to higher authorities.

It is important for local government division officials to understand that meetings and instructions alone will not effectively combat mosquitoes or reduce dengue outbreaks. To combat dengue outbreaks, it is necessary to eliminate the breeding areas of the Aedes mosquito, similar to the strategies adopted in Kolkata and Miami in Bangladesh. This requires concerted efforts involving everyone.

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