Devastated St Martin: the island must be brought back to life

Inequality reduction for sustainable development

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In such a situation, there is no option to increase income. But how will it grow?

All the factories which were closed due to Corona could not be reopened. It is not that many new industries are also opening up.

The self-employment options mentioned in the survey are often taken up because there is no alternative. People have to do at least something to survive.

There is a need to consider whether self-employment or employment can fulfill the minimum basic needs or not. In many cases the answer will be ‘no’.

Then, what is the way out of the state of poverty. Along with expanding the scope of social security, such employment will have to be made available to the people so that they can fulfill their basic needs through it.

In such a situation, it is better to take permanent and effective steps rather than isolated and fragmented initiatives.

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