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Internet Packages: Why will low income people suffer?

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On the instructions of BTRC, operators removed 3-day and 15-day internet packages on 15 October. Only 7-day, 30-day and unlimited internet packages are left. After this the operators increase the price of the said package. The price of 1 GB 7-day period package is now Tk 69. Earlier it was 46 taka.

According to BTRC sources, 69 percent customers use 3-day internet packages. The biggest loss due to BTRC’s decision is those people who do not have the ability to buy a 7-day package. Additionally, many people use short-term data while away from home, despite having an Internet connection at home or work.

General Secretary, Mobile Telecom Operators Association, AMTOB, LT Col Mohammad Zulfiqar (RETD) said that those who use short-term internet for financial reasons will be the most affected due to the change in package type. Many internet users may be furloughed.

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