Iran's nuclear program is moving ahead amid fears of Gaza war and US elections.

Iran’s nuclear program is moving ahead amid fears of Gaza war and US elections.

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The United States and its allies have few options left to rein in Iran’s nuclear activities, with prospects for negotiations long overdue and tough action against Tehran, which has already been threatened by the Gaza war. There is a danger of increasing tension in the affected area.

With US elections looming next year and Washington’s room for maneuver becoming limited, four serving and three former diplomats have painted a bleak picture of efforts to curb Iran’s nuclear programme, which comes after a UN nuclear watchdog report. Proceedings are continuing accordingly.

The diplomats spoke to Reuters on condition of anonymity.

According to one of two confidential reports from the International Atomic Energy Agency and seen by Reuters, Iran now has uranium enriched to 60% purity – which is close to weapons-grade and which Western powers say has no civilian use. Have – three to make bombs.

The stockpile continues to grow, the report said, even though Iran has consistently denied seeking nuclear weapons.

After failing to revive the nuclear deal between Iran and world powers, which was abandoned by former US President Donald Trump in 2018, President Joe Biden has more to do with curbing Iran’s nuclear work amid regional conflict. There is no room for even considering informal “agreements”. Aggression and tension are increasing.

“There is a kind of paralysis, especially among the Americans… because they don’t want to add fuel to the fire,” said a senior European diplomat.

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