Iresh Zaker turns gangster

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Iresh Zaker is playing the antagonist in a film titled “Chhuye Dile Mon.” We caught up with the actor/entrepreneur to find out his take on the character: “I am playing the role of a passionate guy who loses the love of his life to Arefin Shuvo. My character’s name is Danny, and he is a gangster and a politician and is a bad influence on society. But when it comes to love, Danny is quite sentimental and not at all like his usual resilient self.”

About establishing himself as an actor of negative roles only, Iresh said: “The role of Danny is a negative one. I don’t believe that an actor has to play a positive or negative role all the time. I am interested in versitality and in this film, I have placed myself on a grey line.

“Since I do not have the ‘look’ that is a ‘must have’ for actors, I need to find my niche. I am very selective about the type of roles I usually go for. My selections depend on the director and more importantly the script. If I like what I see, I count myself in.”

About his co-stars in the film, he said: “I am well acquainted with Momo since we have worked together in a lot of TV plays. I also get along with Shuvo, therefore, working with them was a breeze.”

Talking about his preference between TV and films, the actor said: “The two are poles apart. Working in a TV play is much more relaxing than acting in a film. An actor has to be in character all the time while shooting for a film.”

A cook by hobby, Iresh also enjoys photography and has a knack for writing.

The film “Chuye Dile Mon” is the directorial début of Shihan Shaheen.

Source: Dhakatribune

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