Is it possible to bring back Rohingyas only through diplomacy?

Is it possible to bring back Rohingyas only through diplomacy?

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It has to be understood that we can remain neutral about the fighting parties in Myanmar, or we cannot remain neutral. Whatever be our stand, by now it is clear to us which parties fighting in that country regarding the Rohingyas are close to our stand and which parties are not. There is no harm if we start dialogue with parties who are sympathetic to our point of view, keeping in mind international norms. If true then such conversation is necessary. This is even more relevant at a time when political waves are changing.

It is essential that Bangladesh's interests in the Myanmar that emerge from these changes are maintained and the return of the Rohingyas is ensured. It is possible for Bangladesh to initiate a solution to the Rohingya crisis while showing proper respect for Myanmar's sovereignty.

One way is to find ways to influence Myanmar's political views without interfering in its internal politics. We should keep in mind that the Rohingya problem is an old political problem for Myanmar.

A lasting solution to the problem involves understanding the nuances of their anti-Rohingya or any repatriation politics that has been active for the last few decades and enjoys massive public support. It is also important to be able to influence such politics.

The bottom line is that state-level talks are not sufficient to reach a lasting solution to a problem so deeply rooted in the country's politics. If we want a solution to the Rohingya crisis, we have to consider all possible ways and means and continue to work on this issue.

* Syed Masud Raza is Associate Professor of the Department of Law at the University of Dhaka.

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