Is it safe to shop online during the present pandemic?

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Governments and health experts around the world are advising people to stay at home to prevent spreading of coronavirus. They are even advising people to avoid shopping from crowded supermarkets. Shopping malls and bazars. So the question is, can we shop online? The answer is not easy. By shopping online you are avoiding crowded areas. But your delivery guy may already be infected. So it’s better to keep a safe distance from your delivery guy.
We still don’t know well about the new virus. But it is proven that this virus needs living body to survive. So your delivery package should be safe. But unfortunately it’s not. Coronavirus may survive up to 24 hours on cardboard or paper. In spite of that experts are assuring, there is very little chance of getting infection from delivery package, because relatively large viral load is needed to get infected which is not possible from delivery package.
So, instead of going outside for shopping, it’s safer to order online. But some precautions are needed. Keep safe distance from delivery guy, wash your hands after touching the delivery package and money. If possible wash delivery products also and of course trash outer packets as early as possible.

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