Is Liton turning into another Ashraful?

Is Liton turning into another Ashraful?

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Watching Liton Das bat is exhilarating but infuriating, wonderful but frustrating, exhilarating but terrifying.

Whenever Liton comes out to bat, Bangladesh cricket fans keep hoping, ‘Maybe this will be Liton’s day.’

In almost every match, Liton plays shots that border on perfection, shots that have a perfect blend of grace and aggression. His head stands still as his body puts him in the perfect position to execute a textbook cover drive, or perhaps a cracking square cut, perhaps a beautiful leg glimpse or best of all a heavenly straight drive.

He seems to be in great form and is bound to score many runs, 50, 100 or even more.

But then, more often than not, the right-handed batsman finds some way to lose his wicket.

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