Is Myanmar's junta rule in danger?

Is Myanmar’s junta rule in danger?

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Myanmar’s ruling military is facing attacks on multiple fronts along its border as a coalition of ethnic minority rebel groups join forces with pro-democracy fighters to try to seize territory and challenge the junta’s rule.

Why has the fight broken out?

On October 27, a coalition of ethnic minority groups launched coordinated attacks on military posts in northern Shan State, bordering China, and several towns in an operation they called 1027, referring to the date the attacks began. Occupied.

The “Three Brotherhood Alliance”, as the group is known, said its objective was to “protect the lives of civilians, assert our right to self-defense, maintain control of our territory and withstand ongoing artillery attacks and airstrikes.” “To reply from”. Junta.

It is also “dedicated to ending the repressive military dictatorship”, it said, and is committed to tackling online gambling scam centers along the Myanmar-China border, which involve thousands of foreign workers, many of whom leave against their will. Are against.

China, which has significant influence in the region, has urged an end to the fighting and is pressuring the junta to break up illegal businesses that have subjected many Chinese to scams, some even into slavery. Is. Some analysts and diplomats say it is unlikely that the invasion of 1027 could have been carried out without China’s blessing.

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