Israel attacks Rafah following UN court order

Israel attacks Rafah following UN court order

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The Israeli army entered Rafah and occupied the Palestinian border in early May, causing more than 800,000 people to flee, according to UN figures.

The White House said Egypt has agreed to temporarily send UN aid through another crossing called Kerem Shalom, near Rafah on Gaza's border with Israel.

Al-Qahera said Egypt was “pressuring Israel to urgently send aid and fuel” stranded at the Rafah crossing and noted “temporary measures” to provide humanitarian relief to Gazans stranded at the crossing.

The United Nations has warned of famine in the besieged region, where most hospitals are no longer functioning.

The Kuwaiti hospital in Rafah called for fuel supplies to ensure the “continued operation” of the only medical facility in the region still admitting patients.

Telecoms operator Paltel said internet services remained disrupted in northern Gaza on Saturday “due to the ongoing offensive”.

The US military said four of its ships supporting a floating ferry to allow aid to be delivered by sea to Gaza were caught in a heavy seas storm.

“No US personnel will be entering Gaza. There have been no reports of injuries and the ferry remains fully functional,” a statement from US Central Command said.

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