Israel condemns South Africa's 'genocide' case at ICJ

Israel condemns South Africa's 'genocide' case at ICJ

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On Thursday, lawyers representing Pretoria presented the judges with a box of charges against Israel, including mass graves, torture and the deliberate blocking of humanitarian aid.

Top lawyer Vusimuzi Madonsela said, “When we last appeared before this court, South Africa hoped that this genocidal process would be stopped in order to preserve Palestine and its people.”

Madonsela said, “Instead, Israel's genocide continues apace and has reached a new and horrifying phase.”

But Noam said South Africa's allegations were “a mockery of the heinous accusation of genocide”.

He said, “Calling something genocide repeatedly does not make it genocide. Repeating a lie repeatedly does not make it true.”

“There is a tragic war going on but no genocide.”

This is the fourth time South Africa has appealed to the court, with Israel accusing them of abusing the process.

“If anyone needs to be told enough is enough, it should be South Africa, not Israel,” Noam said.

“At what point do we call South Africa's repeated attempts to exploit this court's provisional measures process in such a despicable and reprehensible manner 'enough'?”

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