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Jennifer Aniston to sell her portrait in birthday suit to help coronavirus patients

Present coronavirus pandemic has triggered worldwide crisis in hospital management. Experts say, we are in an uncharted territory where we don’t have previous experience to handle this type of pandemic. Hospitals are failing to accommodate patients. Supply of facemasks, sanitizers, PPEs, oxygen cans are very inadequate to handle this huge number of covid-19 patients. ICU beds and ventilators are occupied, many critical patients are not getting ventilation and ICU support. This is the scenario of developed countries. Third world countries are paying the high price. Their poor health infrastructure can do very little to handle this huge influx of patients.
Celebrities around the world are trying to fight this pandemic from their respective positions. Famous Hollywood actress Jennifer Aniston and twenty five other celebrities including Leonardo DiCaprio and Oprah Winfrey are going to auction their portraits and hundred percent of this auction will go to NAF clinics which is providing free coronavirus testing and care to poor Americans.
These portraits includes a nude portrait of 25 year old nude Jennifer Aniston, photographed by Mark Seliger in November 1995, where she is seen seated with her legs crossed in front and her hands resting on her knees.

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