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Kate Winslet won’t diet

Kate Winslet “refuses” to be skinny.

The curvy actress insists she is not interested in dieting and would rather encourage young girls to have a healthy body image.

She said: “I am not a twig – and refuse to be a twig. I would like young girls who are screwed up about their bodies to think that it’s possible to have a healthy shape. Everyone gets a bit screwed up about themselves, physically, when you’re growing up.

“I don’t do crash diets or eat fish rather than meat and salads until they come out of my ears.”

While she won’t diet, Kate does work out in order to stay healthy.

She told Reveal magazine: “I do exercise, with plenty of swimming, but never feel that I have the figure of a Hollywood actress.”

The ‘Contagion’ star also admitted she was a very “fat” child.

She recalled: “I was such a fat kid and reached 182lbs at one point. My sisters Anna and Beth would swap clothes but I couldn’t. I am the smallest at 5ft 6in and I’ve got my mum’s big feet and my dad’s round face.”

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