Kinder garten in Suchitra Sen’s ancestral house

Suchitra SenLegendary Indian actress Suchitra Sen was born in Pabna, the northern district of Bangladesh. She also spent her childhood there. Her family was migrated to India after the separation of India in 1947.

Then their house was finally taken as vested property by the government. Now that house is being used as Kinder Garten School. It is reported that representatives from Suchitra Sen was satisfied to see that the house is used as a school for children.

But some movie lovers say, that house should be preserved as a heritage. This matter was taken to the high court. The decision is yet to come.

Now Suchitra Sen is admitted to a hospital in Kolkata and is in critical condition. She is on life support. So Suchitra Sen fans are again demanding that her ancestral house should be preserved to show respect to the legendary Bangladesh born Indian actress who is equally popular in Bangladesh.

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