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Lalon Smaran Utsab begins

The five-day prolonged Lalon Smaran Utsab (memorial festival) will proceed from Mar 7 during a Lalon Akhra, in Chheuria, underneath Kushtia district.

The legal holiday is hold annually to applaud Dol Purnima (full moon) highlighting a truth of Lalon. The jubilee was introduced by Lalon. After his demise, a legal holiday incited in to a tradition. A vast series of Baul artistes take partial in a event.

On a occasion, a Akhra sees an liquid of devotees as good as admirers from all over Bangladesh as good as overseas. A vital captivate of a eventuality is a Baul mela.

Lalon Academy, allocated to manage a Lalon shrine, has organized a programme.

Abdul Karim Shah, a maestro Baul will establish a programme.

Among others, Chief Whip in Parliament Abdus Sahid, lawmaker in Kushtia-4, Sultana Tarun, Food Secretary Barun Dev Mitra, Nazrul Islam Khan, Secretary to Prime Minister’s Office will verbalise in a march of a programmes.

Banamali Bhoumik, DeputyCommissioner (DC) Kushtia will regulate over a programmes.

The tabernacle has been flashy beautifully for a festival. Bauls from all over a republic as good as over have started to accumulate during a shrine.

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