Lara Lotus on web series

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Viewers are switching from television to web. They are spending much less time on television compared to few years ago. They are depending on web medium like YouTube and NetFlix for entertainment. So producers are also eying on these media. The trend of producing web series has seen in recent days. Advertisers are also sponsoring these series, because they are believing it’s another way to reach potential customers.
Famous TV screen personality Lara Lotus can be mentioned as recent name to join web platform. She has been a popular figure in single episode dramas and serials. She is also a popular TV presenter. Recently she has acted on a web series titled ‘Malti’, where Lara Lotus will be seen playing a snake charmer’s character. This web series is written and directed by Azad Kamal. Lara Lotus says, she has never played character like this before and hoped viewers will like this web series. Besides performing on showbiz world, Lara Lotus has another identity. She teaches at a school on the outskirt of the capital.

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