Lawmen are not above the law.

In Bangladesh there are not too many examples that police men are sentenced to death. The

most recent case was the rape and murder of Yasmin.

Now another example is established, an ex-police officer, former officer in charge of

Motijheel Police Station Rafique is sentenced to death by Dhaka’s speedy trial tribunal-4.

Momin a college student was killed on September, 13, 2005, in front of his house following a

dispute of land where OC Rafiq was involved.

Momin’s relatives are happy to see the verdict. Momin’s father initiated the case who died

in 2008, had to face many difficulties, inspector general of police, even home minister

tried to influence so that the case can be stopped. Relatives of Momin say, they were

threatened to kill over telephone but they continued the case.

Even investigation report by the police dropped OC Rafiq from the charge sheet, and then a

judicial investigation report found Rafiq guilty of killing Momin.

Two others were also sentenced to death by the tribunal.

Rafique’s wife Shaila Begum burst into tears on hearing the verdict and said she will


This case drew huge media attention and Momin’s relatives had to wait six years to see the

verdict, they thanked media for their voice. Now they are expecting that govt. will take

necessary step to implement the verdict, they say now it is established that no one is above

the law.

Rafiq will get a chance to appeal against the verdict in the high court; any death sentence

is needed to be approved by the Appellate division of Bangladesh Supreme Court according to

the law. And then, any one may file a mercy petition to the president. So still a long way

to go for Momin’s brothers.

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