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Locomotive inoperative in Moghbazar rail crossing

Dhaka_news_Moghbazar_rail_crossingWe have heard a Bus or truck was inoperative or stuck in traffic jam on a rail crossing,

then a train came and collided with those vehicles.
But yesterday a train was inoperative in Moghbazar rail crossing. It was about 5:30 pm. The

train locomotive was inoperative just after 10 minutes of starting its Journey from Kamlapur

Rail station. The Joydebpur bound Turag express stuck there till 7:00 pm before another

locomotive came from Kamlapur and rescued it.
This incident brought serious suffering for people by creating traffic congestion. There was

no report of casualty.
Kamlapur station is not far from that rail crossing. Question is why it took nearly half an

hour to rescue the train, when that rail crossing is in a busy road and causing traffic jam?

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