Lottery for primary school admission

Instead of any admission test the government has decided to introduce lottery system for admissions in primary schools. Initially 24 state-owned schools will introduce the new system in the capital next year.

The 24 public schools accommodate around 2,000 children in class one. And in this academic year, about 50,000 admission forms were sold by these schools.

Pre-school coaching exerts extra-ordinary pressure on these admission seeking tender students. Students at 5-6 years of age have to go through a kind of exam phobia.

Introduction of this new system may ease the tension of both the parents and students.

The system has already been used by Holy Cross School and College, Mohammadpur Preparatory High School, Herman Mainer College, YWCA School and College.

Many observe that private schools in the city would follow the system if the system is introduced in government schools.

Forms may be distributed between November 7 and November 10 .The school authorities however may interview the students when they submit the forms on November 12, 13 and 14 between 9:00am and 5:00pm. And students who are too old may be excluded.

The lottery may be held in December.

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