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Making income thru’ hidden credit cards

If you have been watchful for a credit label in your mail, you cannot be certain which it will strech you. It is given multiform gangs, handling for some-more than dual decades, in joining with postmen as well as post bureau employees in a capital, have been active in hidden credit cards as well as charging those upon a unchanging basis.

Members of a single such gang, together with a postman in a capital, who were arrested by military detectives early this month, suggested how they have income by hidden credit cards.

The postmen, who have been a pass persons of a ring, do not register in a jot down book a attainment of parcels which potentially enclose credit cards. So there is no explanation which a parcels done it to a post office. The postmen afterwards open a parcels as well as palm a credit cards over to a little attractive members of their gangs.

Using a cards, a fraudsters squeeze personal property from posh selling centres as well as sell those during reduce prices during alternative selling malls or to particular buyers.

“So far, I’ve stolen 4 parcels containing credit cards during a ask of squad personality Kamal. you got Tk 40,000 for a job,” Abdur Rouf, a arrested postman of a capital’s Gulshan Post Office, told that upon Dec eleven during a Detective Branch Headquarters of a police.

Ring personality Kamal Ahmed alias Nurul Amin was once arrested in 2006 for hidden credit cards. But he came out upon bail inside of a month as well as resumed a aged business, military sources said.

On Dec 9, a detectives arrested Rouf, Kamal, as well as Md Russell. Rouf as well as Kamal have been from Barisal whilst Russell is from Tangail.

In a final 3 months, military prisoner during slightest 7 alternative members of such gangs from in as well as around a capital.

DB officials pronounced a rackets wasted multiform hundred crores of taka by hidden around 1,500 credit cards in a final twenty years.

Moshiur Rahman, partner government official of DB, pronounced a squad led by Kamal stole during slightest 1,200 credit cards given 1996 in collusion with a little postmen of opposite city post offices.

“We’ve stolen some-more than 1,000 credit cards, though you could operate usually 60 percent of those, a rest you could not operate for assorted reasons,” pronounced Kamal

When asked how did they turn upon a stolen credit cards, a arrested thieves pronounced not all credit cards need activation, most have been pre-activated. Many additionally come from abroad they added.

Kamal’s 15-member squad has in it 5 postmen from a city’s Banani, Gulshan, Bashabo, Uttara as well as Badda post offices.

Talking to this match during a DB office, Rouf pronounced he never suspicion of removing caught.

“Being a postman for twenty years, it was not formidable for me to acknowledge a parcels which enclose credit cards. you never jot down those in a register,” he pronounced adding which he knew by names a little alternative postmen concerned in a gang.

Gang personality Kamal pronounced he got a thought of hidden credit cards from a male declared Hamid Akhter, who was his trainer as well as is right away in a US.

Another male declared Rahman, who was a postman during a General Post Office, was a initial to assistance him in this, he added.

He additionally gave names of multiform postmen as well as alternative squad members concerned in his ring.

Russell pronounced he worked in a in isolation bank compartment 2008. Then he assimilated a group. “I especially do a selling from selling centres with a credit cards as well as afterwards sell those.”

Contacted, Mobashwer-ur-Rahman, evident past executive ubiquitous of a Directorate of Bangladesh Post Office, pronounced during his reign compartment Sep this year, he perceived a series of complaints about blank credit cards as well as alternative parcels.

“I hold a little postmen as well as alternative employees of a little post offices have been concerned in a unlawful activities. We attempted in opposite ways to lane them, though failed,” he added.

“Missing parcels tarnishes a picture of a state-run postal service,” he noted.

Over a final couple of days, this paper attempted to hit a benefaction DG of a postal department, Nayeb Delwar Hossain, for his criticism over a phone, though he did not take a calls.

This match additionally sent him a content summary upon Dec 12. He did not reply to which either.

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