mal-economics prothom hello in bangladesh

mal-economics prothom hello in bangladesh

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Under this activity, the government establishes laws, courts and property rights, and a monetary system, and provides accurate information and dates, thereby aiding the development of the economy.

A clear example of the weakness in the legal framework of Bangladesh is the adoption of the laws of England and the legal framework of other countries as governing laws while signing deals with foreign agencies and the selection of places such as London and Singapore to mediate and settle disputes. To do. Apart from legal weaknesses, there is a general perception that lack of competence, impartiality and integrity among judges, delay in trial proceedings and pendency of cases are the reasons for this plight.

A recent example of the country’s failure to provide accurate information and data is sticking to a US dollar price to project a larger GDP and, at the same time, project a lower population than it actually is. Shows high per capita income. All this was done to project a higher per capita GDP, so Bangladesh can be seen as a lower middle income country. Now, to counter its effect, the taka has been rapidly and massively devalued.

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