Mass extinguisher: Earth returns to 66 million year

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Dinosaurs were extinguishedDinosaurs were extinguished 66 years ago in 5th “Mass Extinguishing” period. Now the 7th addition.running, scientists said. Scientists Princeon, Barkley, Stanford from Markin university published a journal “Science Advance”. They said the rate of extinguisher is more than 100 times compared to past which is relevant to the extinguisher of Dinosaur. They thought the earth is going to 7th extinguisher .They also blamed human being. People cut down trees indiscriminately and involve in illegal business. Moreover climate is changed

Whatever, the first impact will be on human being. Scientist Gerado Lebaloss said he thought before analysis man is responsible for the change but he can’t imagine so much it is!

Another analysis of IUCN said about 41% of amphibian and 26% of Mammal  animals re in threat.WWF said people and the policy maker should be conscious.

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