Media face Toma mirza complete her engagement recently

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Toma Mirza is a familiar face in our film industry. Recently this actress has completed her engagement. Bridegroom is the expatriate businessman who lives in Canada. His name is Hisham Chishti and he is a businessman. Got to know their engagement has been arranging by presence of both families.
Regarding this matter actress Toma Mirza said we know to each other from family relationship. Chishti’s family wear me marriage ring in a ring ceremony day and we reach to the decision the marriage ceremony will be held after coming bridegroom Chisti. Hisham Chisti will come on April. After that we will marriage through informing to all.
It’s mentioned that Actress Toma Mirza won the national reward as best actress for playing the site role in the film of “Nodijon” which produced by Shahnewaz Kakoli. In this moment she has some offers like “Jhum”, “Kathgoray Shorotchondro and “Papkahini” etc.

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