Meta title: Awami League's election path: What's next for BNP?  ,  Political conflict, international pressure and uncertain strategies

Meta title: Awami League’s election path: What’s next for BNP? , Political conflict, international pressure and uncertain strategies

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The incident of October 28, the government’s strict stance thereafter and its various activities indicate which path the government wants to take regarding the elections. The government had apparently adopted a policy of ignoring everything else – from skirmishes and conflicts to international pressure. Almost everyone is saying that this time the elections will not be like 2014 or 2018. It is said that history never repeats itself. So will it be a combo of the last two elections? Or something shocking and new?

However, it has become quite difficult to understand what path the BNP will take or what direction their movement will take. Many top leaders of the party including the General Secretary have been arrested. The rest are running away and hiding out of fear of arrest. It is clear that many more arrests are yet to be made. Then the party will actually be without leaders. What will BNP do in such circumstances? What strategy will they adopt?

The aggression that started in politics from October 28 is continuing. BNP has observed a one-day strike (general strike) and a three-day blockade programme. The party is now in such a condition that it is not even in a position to hold any official press briefing. The senior joint general secretary of the party will have to hold a virtual press conference to announce the next programs. It will take a few more days to see whether BNP’s agitation strategy will actually do anything.

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