Miss Universe-2018 won miss Katrina Gay from Philippine

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In 67 series of Miss Universe-2018, the Philippine lady Miss Katrina Gay wins the champion crown from best three. Miss Katrina achieves 1st position by defeating Miss South Africa & Miss Venezuela. Miss South Africa & Miss Venezuela placed the runner-up and 3rd position consecutively. Miss Universe-2018 Katrina Gay is a student of music theory and she was twenty-four years old. The champion won the crown among the 90 participants. (In reference Daily Mail)
This spectacular worldwide beauty competition was highlighted by many incidents. Such as this is the first time to participate Transgender Miss Angela Pones from Spain in this beauty competition. Though, she can’t reach the best 20 but her ramping present with strong self-confidence on the stage. She said, not for transgender, I was a female after & before born and that’s why I am here.
On the other hand, Miss USA Sarah Rose Sumer criticized Miss Cambodia & Miss Vietnam due to their ignorance of the English language. In next, guilty Sarah Rose Sumer meets to pupil’s anger and lastly, she prays for pardon. American presenter Steve Harvey and Cambodian supermodel Ashley Graham was the presenter of this luxuries 67 beauty competition’s final round.
On the final round, was asked to the participants regarding Independency of mass media, Legality of Marijuana, refugees and Me To movement. In the final stage, competitors try to perform from their level best. Every year this competition gets together a ceremony by attending beautiful ladies.

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