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Mitsubishi brings new adapter for Samsung 3D

Although 3D as a underline didn’t turn hackneyed upon HDTVs until 2010, Mitsubishi as good as Samsung have both been shipping a series of 3D-ready models for several years. However, they rest upon a opposite submit format than a the single used by 3D Blue-ray movies, 3DTV broadcasts as good as many 3D videogames so an adapter is compulsory to have it work, that Mitsubishi released for a own DLP TVs final year. While enthusiasts upon AVS Forum fast grown workarounds to get them operative with a little of Samsung’s DLPs as well, those won’t be required right away that Mitsubishi is releasing a 3DC-100S, that will work with Samsung’s TVs (only projection sets, not plasmas) right out of a box. right away it’s accessible as a partial of a $449 MSRP starter container gold though word is it should be accessible upon a own shortly, in box we wish to check out a little ESPN 3D movement but shelling out for a code latest TV set, press recover is after a break.

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