Mobile court to stop using mobile phone while driving.

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Govt. is likely to use mobile court in a bid to check using mobile phones by the drivers

while driving say; home affairs minister Sahara Khatun and home affairs secretary Abdus

Sobhan Sikdar.  Yesterday after a meeting of the cabinet committees on law and order they

said this to journalists.

Some survivors of recent tragic accident at Mirsarai in Chittagong which killed 44 say, the

driver was talking over mobile phone while driving. In fact he was not a driver; he was a

helper of the driver. This clearly indicates indiscipline in the transport sector of the


According to present law only tk 500 and one month jail may be applicable as a punishment of

talking over mobile phone while driving which is not enough, experts say.

Yesterday in Chadpur a driver was fined for illegally driving a truck. Nine more drivers

were fined and a microbus was ceased.

In recent days govt. have been using mobile courts to stop eve teasing, drug misusing, and

in the food market to check standard. Using mobile courts in Hartal was a controversial move

by the govt. which was condemned by the human right activists.

Some experts also oppose mobile court by the executive magistrates instead of judicial

magistrates. They argue it is against the spirit of separation of judiciary from the


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