Mobile phone camera a tool for pornography. Part-I

When a knife is in the hand of a doctor that is life saving, when it is in the hand of a criminal it is life threatening. Camera is like a knife which is an essential tool for journalism; it also keeps memorable moments in frame. Today many cheaper mobile phone sets have camera which is considered as a nice extra facility. But in recent days cameras have been widely used to harass women, it became a tool to produce porn videos. In this three part series I tried to look on this burning issue.


There are many examples where authority was under pressure after emergence of camera evidence. Before the publication of photograph or video clip the authority simply denied that, it didn’t happened, it’s totally baseless claim, etc. etc.

A human rights organization provided handy cams to some selected Palestinian boys; they used those when the Israeli army attacked their territory and violated human rights. After that the Israeli army was little cautious on human right issue. In Indian administrated Kashmir, Kashmiri boys use mobile phone camera to shoot Indian army massacre then they upload those video clips on the internet based video sharing site Youtube. This also keeps Indian army under pressure, because they had no chance to deny those.

In Bangladesh there is also some instances where the authority would try to deny, but camera evidence were presented by the journalists.

In India a news website Tehelka released a video some years ago which was an evidence of corruption by some top officials and politicians.

Close circuit cameras enhance security, but in many cases it is used for voyeuristic purposes by its operators.

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