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Mobile phone camera, a tool for pornography. Part-III

When a knife is in the hand of a doctor that is life saving, when it is in the hand of a criminal it is life threatening. Camera is like a knife which is an essential tool for journalism; it also keeps memorable moments in frame. Today many cheaper mobile phone sets have camera which is considered as a nice extra facility. But in recent days cameras have been widely used to harass women, it became a tool to produce porn videos. In this three part series I tried to look on this burning issue.


Recent case of blackmailing is by a teacher of Viqarunnisa Noon School and College in the city, who raped one of his students, shot that and used the video clip to rape her again.

Many prominent actresses have been victim of this recent trend. Today’s young men and women often engage themselves in extramarital relationship, they become blind for love and take photographs, videos of their intimate moments. It’s like home made pornography where both do it consensually. But when relationship breaks, in most of the cases the boyfriend releases his ex girlfriend’s nude videos and photos as revenge.

This new type of digital crime seems impossible to control. Social scientists saying now time for the parents to act. They should keep eye on their child what they are doing, how they are spending their time and how they are growing up. And also it’s time to go back to our traditional values that, not to engage in extramarital activities. In Bangladesh everyone is allowed to have mobile phone. But some European schools have banned camera phone in their campus after some incidents of bullying.

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