Mobile phone sets must have Bangla keyboard after 31st January

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There was a time when learning Bangla typing was very difficult, because at that time users

had to memorize Bangla key board layout. Bangla computer key board was not available at

that time. Many computer users used stickers marked with Bangla alphabet to learn Bangla

typing. Later some local entrepreneurs brought Bangla computer keyboard for users.

But scenario in mobile phone market is different. Though mobile phone sets with Bangla

keypad is available in the market now, it seems most entrepreneurs are not interested.

Now the telephone regulatory commission has issued an order that from now on mobile

operators will not be allowed to sell their branded mobile phones and mobile phones without

Bangla will be seized in airports and seaports after 31st January.

They have advised those who have already opened LC for mobile phone without Bangla keypad

to import those before the deadline. The regulatory authority is hoping that this will help

to promote Bangla and ICT will be friendlier to mass people. This new rule will not be

applicable for touch screen mobile phones.

But there are some people who feel comfort in using English. Because, it is very difficult

to cope with a new language terms, when they are familiar with one. This is why many

English movie lovers doesn’t like Bangla dubbing.

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