Modi eyes victory as India votes in historic vote count

Modi eyes victory as India votes in historic vote count

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Polling stations were huge in size and operational complexity, as voters exercised their franchise in metropolitan cities such as New Delhi and Mumbai as well as in sparsely populated forest areas and the high altitudes of Kashmir.

Votes were cast on electronic voting machines, so counting is likely to be quick, and results are expected within a few hours.

Counting of votes will begin at 8 am (0230 GMT) at main centres in each state and the data will be entered into computers.

Chief Election Commissioner Rajiv Kumar on Monday said that “people should know about the strength of Indian democracy”, adding that “robust vote counting process is in place.”

Reporters from India's major TV networks will be stationed outside each counting centre, competing to show results for each of the 543 elected seats in the lower house of Parliament.

In past years, the main trends would become clear by mid-afternoon, with the losers conceding defeat, although full and final results would not typically be available until late on Tuesday night.

If the results come as per exit poll predictions, there will be celebrations at Modi's BJP headquarters.

The victory means a simple majority of 272 seats, and the BJP had won 303 seats in the last elections in 2019.

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